16 Oct 2010

Dr Ogunsemi Olawale Olusegun, Lecturer/Consultant Psychiatrist

OGUNSEMI Olawale Olusegun MBChB, FMCPsych, MPH is a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and a Lecturer/ Consultant Psychiatrist at the Ogun State University/Teaching Hospital. He is an astute clinician with full registration with Medical and Dental council of Nigeria and Saudi council of Medical Specialties, Saudi Arabia.
He was awarded the Prof Ayo Binitie Prize for being the best candidate in the Part II FMCPsych examination in 2004 by the National Postgraduate Medical college of Nigeria.
He is a resource person for the World Diabetes Foundation sponsored SIDCAIN project in Nigeria (WDF 08-321 and WDF 10-515): the strategies for improving Diabetes care in Ogun and Oyo states, Nigeria.
He has over 18 scientific publications to his credit mainly in the field of mental health and as it relates with physical disorders (non communicable diseases). He has attended scientific conferences within and outside Nigeria. He has also given lectures at conferences within and outside Nigeria.
Dr Ogunsemi Olawale Olusegun is married with children.

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