23 Oct 2010


Formation of about 40 SIDCAIN Eaglets Health Clubs in public secondary schools located nearest to the established NCD clinics shall be encouraged. The aims & objectives of the Health Club shall be mainly to create awareness and achieve primary prevention of diabetes. Activities in the clubs shall centre mainly on health education particularly towards the adoption of healthy lifestyles and the encouragement of physical activity.

There shall be an overall Patron / Patroness (a parent), who shall be a reputable philanthropist in the community, and would be significantly committed to supporting the Club morally and financially. A coordinator shall be selected by the school highest authority amongst teachers, to coordinate activities of the Club. Membership of the club shall be free and voluntary, open to students and teachers. The extent of the membership (i.e. the number) shall be decided by the highest school authority. A 3-member executive committee (President, Secretary and Treasurer) shall see to the day to day running of the Club. The club slogan shall be ‘‘Join the parade, walk diabetes out’’. The health clubs shall be encouraged to have a room in the selected schools for their meetings and activities.

The proposed club activities shall include Seminars, symposium, Competitions on health matters, Periodic health presentations at school assemblies. Organizing a health walk / marathon race, Visitations (to Health Facilities).Essay writing/Newsletter/Health Pamphlet Quiz / Debates etc.

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