07 Oct 2012

Sidcain eaglet health club

The official name of this club shall be SIDCAIN Eaglet Health Club hereinafter refers to as SEHC.
The purpose of the SIDCAIN Eaglet Health Club shall be to provide means of creating awareness and prevention of Diabetes and other health related issues through education. Living a healthy life requires a healthy lifestyle. SEHC seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of health related information on healthy living, as well as preventing non-communicable diseases as its primary objectives. The administration of the SEHC shall be according to the rules and regulations of the school where the SEHC operates.

SIDCAIN Eaglet Health Club was inaugurated in willing secondary schools and was formed by students’ selected based on common interest and desire to participate in health related associations. The main objective shall be to create awareness on health matters, as well as to improve the knowledge of members on non-communicable diseases especially Diabetes and Hypertension.
Members shall be encouraged to engage in healthy competition in health matters aimed at creating awareness on diabetes and hypertension, gain leadership skills and enjoy recreational and healthy associations. The club is dedicated to supporting the training of boys and girls on health matters in secondary schools as well as ensuring a healthy nation on the long run. The Club Programs shall be student centered, and under the school authorities. SIDCAIN (Strategies for Improving Diabetes Care in Nigeria funded by World Diabetes Foundation), a research group consisting of medical professionals and trained field workers, shall provide support for the SIDCAIN Eaglet health Clubs.

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