27 Oct 2012

SIDCAIN WDD 2012 Events


  1. Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012: School Health Assessment:
    1. During the school break period, interested SIDCAIN Eaglets Club Members will be involved in measuring heights, weight, and calculation of Body Mass Index of other students of your school, as a way of encouraging healthy living habit.
    2. Other available health variable checks to be carried out by the club members include automated blood pressure checks as well as waist / hip circumference and ratio calculations. These activities shall take place in the School Hall or any dedicated location within the School Compound.
    3. The SIDCAIN Team proper (consisting of trained field workers as well as Healthcare Providers) shall coordinate club members to provide free diabetes and hypertension screening exercise to willing adults within your school on this day.
  1. Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012: Awareness and Screening Camps in all 25 and 31 NCD Clinics in Ogun and Oyo States


  1. Saturday 17th, 2012: SIDCAIN Eaglets Club Cycling competition
    1. This is a competitive cycling competition involving limited students only. To protect the participants, the Road Safety Unit (FRSC), the Nigerian Police as well as TWO ambulances shall accompany the convoy (leading and from the rear), while the 15 man SIDCAIN Team shall  accompany the participants during the short distance.
    2. Two shortlisted participants per school (one boy and a girl) shall be provided the necessary kit for the exercise including bicycle and helmet. Participants are however advised to come with their tennis shoes.
    3. All participants will be members of the SIDCAIN Eaglets Clubs and must have been with the club for not less than three months.


  1. Saturday 24th, 2012: SIDCAIN Eaglets Club Variety Program

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