7 non-profit organizations helping with food insecurity in Birmingham

FeedBHM is one of the local organizations fighting to end food insecurity in Birmingham. (FeedBHM / Facebook)

By Cecilia Wood


The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are slowly but surely dropping in Birmingham. Many of our neighbors are facing hunger due to food insecurity in Birmingham.

According to the USDA, 13.1% of Alabama households are food insecure and 4.6% are very poorly food insecure. Additionally, nearly two million Alabama residents live in a food desert, or a region with “large proportions of low-income households, inadequate access to transportation, and a limited number of grocery retailers offering fresh produce and healthy foods at affordable prices.”

With the help of our friends at Kroger, here are seven Birmingham nonprofits and panels that are providing food to those in need in Birmingham. Whether you’re looking for options for yourself or a loved one, or want to give something back, save this as a resource.

If you would like to support local food banks, a donation allows the organization to put money where it’s needed most.

  1. Magical city harvest

Magic City Harvest has existed since 1995 with the mission of “End Waste, End Hunger”. The local non-profit works to alleviate food waste and food insecurity in Birmingham by recovering surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores, caterers and other establishments and delivering that food to 30 agencies.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Donate | volunteers

  1. food on wheels

Meals on Wheels is a United Way of Central Alabama program that serves nearly 2,000 seniors *daily* in Jefferson County. In addition to providing much-needed meals for our neighbors, the delivery program is also an important source of social interaction, especially for seniors who may not see others every day.

Website | Donate | volunteers

  1. Blazer kitchen, UAB

College students have a lot to do, from completing assignments to what they want to do after graduation. Figuring out where your next meal will come from shouldn’t be at the top of your list of concerns, but it is a reality for many students and staff. UAB’s Blazer Kitchen offers two pantries to provide food for needy students and staff.

Website + opening times | Donate | volunteers

  1. FeedBHM

FeedBHM, a Grace Klein Community food rescue project, mobilizes local volunteers (via app.feedbhm.org) to save food from local restaurants, grocers, and coffee shops. In 2021 they saved over £1million of food to support over 38,000 families through their food distribution partners and drive-through locations.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Donate | volunteers

  1. manna ministries

Manna Ministries donates groceries to families in Chilton, Jefferson, and Shelby counties every weekend, primarily with donations from local grocery stores and donations from volunteers.

Website | Facebook | Donate

  1. backpackers

BackPack Buddies, a Vineyard Family Services program, is tackling weekend food insecurity among schoolchildren “because weekend hunger doesn’t take a break.” Volunteers discreetly provide students with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food to take home.

Website | volunteers

  1. Food bank hubs

There are two major organizations that are critical to supplying mobile pantries and local food banks: the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama and the Alabama Food Bank Association.

Community Food Bank of Central Alabama: Find a Mobile Pantry | Donate | volunteers

Alabama Food Bank Association: Find a Food Bank Near You | Donate

MORE: If you’re looking for other support options or need a meal, check out these options.

What Kroger is doing to help

Kroger is new to the Birmingham area with its local delivery service, but it’s not new to the mission to end hunger. In 2018, Kroger founded Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Action Plan to build a sustainable food system that provides affordable, fresh food for all.

In 2021, Kroger contributed $343 million to charitable causes, with $200 million dedicated to improving food security in the communities where they operate.

For more information on how Kroger is working to eliminate food hunger and waste, visit his website.

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