CFP Path: Scenarios are shrinking, but Vols still stand in the way of Clemson Tigers

Clemson’s path to getting into the college football playoffs cleared up a bit last week.

With Oregon fuming at Washington and falling out of the top 10 with its second loss and UCLA falling to Arizona, the Pac-12 will need a team with big postseason ambitions. No. 7 Southern Cal is it.

This is great news for the Tigers, who still need plenty of help and likely some impressive wins over the next three weeks to have any chance of making the Top 4.

Clemson moved up just one spot from 10th to ninth, and two teams with two losses at No. 8 Alabama and No. 6 LSU remain roadblocks for the Tigers. But that should be clear. If the Tigers win and take the ACC title, you would think they would be ahead of Alabama.