List of players attending the 2022 Senior Day ceremony in Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Alabama’s regular season finale against Auburn will also serve as the team’s Senior Day, which will see awards for 17 seniors ahead of the 87th Iron Bowl Rivalry Game.

Including this season, the 2022 senior class has a 46-6 record and won two SEC championships and the 2021 College Football Playoffs national title game over the past four years.

Seniors honored include Jordan Battle, Bret Bolin, Darrian Dalcourt, DJ Dale, Emil Ekiyor, Tyler Harrell, DeMarcco Hellams, Grant Krieger, Cameron Latu, Jaylen Moody, Gabe Pugh, Kendall Randolph, Will Reichard, Jackson Roby , Tyler Steen, Henry To’o To’o and Byron Young. 12 players in the group started at least one game this season.

“We are honoring 17 seniors who have contributed amazingly well to this program,” head coach Nick Saban said Wednesday. “Not only winning 46 games, but also a national championship and two SEC titles, but the class with which they have represented the university and how they have grown and developed as people that we are very, very proud of .

“Almost all of these guys have graduated or are on their way to graduating, so we’re also very proud of them for their achievements and how they made an investment and unified by what they were able to achieve during their time have created added value for their future. I was here in Alabama.”

Some will certainly move on after the 2022 season ends, but with COVID years still available, players could return in 2023. Moody and Randolph took advantage of the extra seasons and are the only players who are super seniors to have exhausted all their funding opportunities. But the other seniors have an extra year of college they can use if they want to.

One senior not listed by Alabama was defenseman Justin Eboigbe, who played the first four games of the season before being sidelined with a neck injury. If he decided to return, Eboigbe would still have two years to play. He has not said publicly what he will be doing but the senior has been trying to help his teammates despite being unable to play since September.

“Justin, he’s been a huge help to us,” Dale said Monday. “He’s not a man of many words, but when he’s not there you definitely realize that his presence isn’t there and that you miss him. He’s just one of those guys who pull you aside and let you know what he’s seeing. It was very beneficial to have him around even when he wasn’t playing. He was missed.

“When he first dealt with his injury we sent him words of encouragement and we spoke to the training staff daily to see how he was doing. But he was missed and he helped us a lot.”

The Iron Bowl begins Saturday, November 26 at 2:30 pm CT and will air live on CBS.

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