Where Tennessee, LSU, USC and Alabama would fit in Week 12

What Would the 12-Team College Football Playoffs Look Like in Week 12? USC rises while Tennessee, LSU and Alabama have their chances.

College football fans will have to wait a few years to see a 12-team college football playoff group, but that won’t stop us from dreaming.

The Week 12 CFP rankings would have Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan and TCU in the four-team group.

If we applied the 12-team plan to the current leaderboard, things would look very different.

What the 12-team College Football Playoff group would look like in Week 12

First, here’s a quick recap of how the 12-team CFP field is formed: The top four ranked conference champions receive a bye in the first round. The remainder of the field will include the remaining Power 5 Conference Champion, the highest-ranked Group of 5 champion and six teams at large.

  1. Georgia (bye)
  2. State of Ohio (BYE)
  3. TCU (Goodbye)
  4. USC (bye)
  5. Michigan vs. No. 12 UCF
  6. Tennessee vs. No. 11 Penn State
  7. LSU vs. No. 10 Utah
  8. Alabama vs. No. 9 Clemson

In the case of the Week 12 CFP Rankings, the top four seeded teams are Georgia, Ohio State, TCU and USC (assuming the current top-seeded team in each conference to win their conference title).

Clemson would enter as the presumptive ACC champion while UCF would take the G5 slot. Oregon and North Carolina are left out in this iteration, but opportunities remain to get back in.

First-round matchups would spark renewed rivalry between Alabama and Clemson, while there were infrequent meetings between Michigan and UCF, Tennessee and Penn State, and LSU and Utah.

This is what the quarterfinals would look like:

  • Georgia vs. Alabama/Clemson
  • Ohio State vs. LSU/Utah
  • TCU vs. Tennessee/Penn State
  • USC vs. Michigan/UCF

Since we won’t see Georgia vs Alabama meet this season, the possible quarterfinal game would be fun. Ohio State and LSU could meet for the first time since the 2007 BCS Championship Game. The Buckeyes could also get a rematch in the 2022 Rose Bowl Game. USC vs. Michigan would also have Rose Bowl vibes.

This year’s four-a-side playoff is bound to be interesting, but certainly not as intriguing as the 12-team mayhem that’s coming in a few years. Who can’t wait?

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