“Surprised” and “Disappointed” GOP didn’t have better midterms

  • Mike Pence said he was “surprised” the Republicans didn’t win more seats at the 2022 midterms.
  • During the CBS program “Face the Nation,” Pence said citizens wanted the GOP to focus on the future.
  • Pence, who published his memoir last week, continues to contemplate a 2024 presidential campaign.

Former Vice President Mike Pence said in an interview that aired Sunday he was “surprised” and “disappointed” that Republicans didn’t win more seats in the November midterm election, but said he was confident in the abilities of the new House of Representatives GOP leadership.

During an interview Speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation, Pence told host Margaret Brennan that while he wanted to see bigger Republican margins in Congress, “victory is victory.”

“I was surprised. I was disappointed with the outcome of the election in that regard, although the last time I was there was when we defeated the majority of Nancy Pelosi, and I look forward to the day Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the United States House and leads the Republican majority,” he said. “Victory is victory, but I would have liked to have seen more Republicans elected to Congress. I would have liked to have seen a Republican majority in the Senate.”

Heading into the election, Republicans were widely favored by many political observers for not only flipping many Democrat-held seats in the House of Representatives en route to a majority, but in the final weeks of the election cycle, the GOP pushed hard for control of the Senate .

However, Democrats held on to the Senate, winning key contests in Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, and also leading the Georgia Senate race — which will lead to a Dec. 6 runoff after incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock slightly less won 50% of the vote against Republican Herschel Walker.

And the Republicans only recently gained control of the House of Representatives; With almost all races called up, the GOP currently has a 219-211 lead.

Pence – who served in the House of Representatives from 2001 to 2013 before becoming Indiana governor – said citizens wanted to see Republicans focus on the future once they regain control of the lower house next year.

“I have every confidence that when Nancy Pelosi passes the gavel to Kevin McCarthy, the new Republican leadership in Congress, the new Republican majority, will learn the lessons of the mid-term campaign, which to me are proof that the American people want that the Republican Party and frankly all of our leaders are focused on the future,” he said, pointing to issues like the economy and immigration. “I think what you’re going to see is the Republican leadership and Congress focusing on those issues will focus on, and I think people want us to focus on that.”

The former vice president continues to mull over a possible 2024 presidential campaign that, if he entered the race, would pit him against his old boss, former President Donald Trump, who officially launched his campaign for the GOP nomination last week .