Delve into a curated selection of vintage goods at the ‘funky’ new ABQ thrift store

Sonny Naranjo, owner of The Dive Vintage Goods, sits in her shop in Nob Hill. The new thrift store features collectibles, clothing and creations by local artists. (Roberto E. Rosales/Journal)

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Sonny Naranjo was living in Colorado and working on a masters in transpersonal psychology when she got a mark.

A spirit guide reached out to her on social media with a simple message: Move to New Mexico.

She made the move and now, less than two years later, she runs her own vintage shop in Nob Hill called The Dive with business partner Mel Livingston, who sells vintage clothing on website Snob Hill Market. The Nob Hill store at 3812 Central SE had its grand opening on Saturday.

“It was a dream to come here — it wasn’t planned to open a shop, but then I met Mel,” Naranjo said.

Like Livingston, Naranjo also sells vintage clothing online at their website, Bygone Supply Co.

The Dive will feature a handful of clothing vendors and the work of several artists and jewelery makers. Naranjo said she looks forward to becoming part of the city’s vibrant arts scene.

“We like weird, we like funky,” Naranjo said. “I love art and am super inspired by the people of New Mexico.”

All of the vendors are female or queer, Naranjo said, and she met many of them at pop-up events selling clothes.

“They were all people like me … a little bit weird and a little bit eclectic, and I wanted to give them space,” Naranjo said. “So many things go with vintage and there is more than enough space. Let’s build a really cool vendor lineup.”

As a child, Naranjo and her mother moved frequently. When they moved, they would go to thrift stores to stock up on their house.

“It was definitely a frugal lifestyle,” Naranjo said.

Her mother still helps her find vintage clothing in Illinois. Naranjo also regularly travels to Colorado to look for second-hand finds.

Her personal love for vintage clothing became Bygone Supply Co.

“I was just hoarding all these thrift store treasures,” Naranjo said. “My partner at the time was like, ‘Why don’t you start selling it?'”

The Dive Vintage Goods is a new thrift store focusing on collectibles and local artist creations for sale in the heart of Nob Hill. (Roberto E. Rosales/Journal)

Naranjo originally started out selling second-hand jeans online. She struggled to find affordable vintage jeans that fit curvier women. But “people person” Naranjo wanted to be able to help people find their perfect size in person.

“I really wanted to help people find their size so that it’s sustainable for them to buy a pair of jeans that fit the first time,” Naranjo said. “I miss being able to have that connection online. It’s so much (more difficult) to connect with someone, to find their size, to help them shop – I miss the personal touch in everything.”

Naranjo and Livingston hope to add more vendors to the space soon.

“There’s something about the people of New Mexico that they share so willingly,” Naranjo said. “They share resources and everyone here is just cheering for each other. And I’m so excited to be able to do the same for other people by having them sell here and boosting them in that way.”

The dive is open daily from 11am to 5pm.