In 100 small free libraries around the world

There are few things I love more than discovering a new book to read. And in communities around the world, one of the best ways to find a new book is through a small free library.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the concept is simple: people place small bookshelves in front of their homes or in other public spaces to protect them from the weather. The idea is that anyone can take or leave a book at any time, effectively creating a new book swap that anyone can participate in. It’s an amazing way to encourage reading and make books accessible to more people. Many Little Free Libraries are highly decorated, so they also make the neighborhood nicer. (The first, made in 2009, looked like a small red schoolhouse.)

As part of the release of my new Christmas book reading list, I’ve made sure to place copies of the books I recommend in more than 100 Little Free Libraries around the world. Check out the list below to see where – maybe you can snag a copy yourself. And even if your city isn’t on the list, I bet there’s another great book waiting for you at a little free library near you.

Happy reading!

Aliso Viejo, California
Compton, California
Los Angeles, California
Palo Alto, California
Pasadena, California
San Jose, California
Denver, Colo
Washington, D.C
Miami, Fla
Atlanta, Georgia
Holualoa, Hawaii
Chicago, Illinois
Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Mass
Cambridge, Mass
Detroit, Mich
St Louis, Missouri
Omaha, Nebraska
Edison, New Jersey
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Brooklyn, NY
New-York, New-York
Cleveland, Ohio
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bellevue, Washington
Brementon, Washington
Enumclaw, Washington
Kirkland, Washington
Redmond, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Tacoma, Washington
Bainbridge Island, Washington
Orcas Island, Washington
Kemerer, Wyoming
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Neuquen, Argentina
Brisbane, Australia
Perth, Australia
Salzburg, Austria
Brussels Belgium
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Vancouver, British Columbia
Santiago, Chile
Llano Grande, Colombia
Puriscal, Costa Rica
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cairo, Egypt
San Salvador, El Salvador
Cambridge, UK
Oxford, England
London, United Kingdom
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Helsinki, Finland
Paris, France
Berlin, Germany
Munich, Germany
Athens, Greece
Santa Lucia, Honduras
New Delhi, India
Gurgaon, India
Kollam, India
Dublin, Ireland
Jerusalem, Israel
Florence, Italy
Kyoto, Japan
Beirut, Lebanon
Jounieh, Lebanon
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cerro Xico, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Rosarito, Mexico
Tijuana, Mexico
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Auckland, New Zealand
Oslo, Norway
Johannesburg, South Africa
Seoul, South Korea
Logrono, Spain
Lidingo, Sweden
Sundyberg, Sweden
Vaxholm, Sweden
Bangkok, Thailand
Istanbul, Turkey
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kyiv, Ukraine