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By Marty Mayfield
KRTN Multimedia

The New Mexico Department of Transportation has begun the design process to rebuild the I-25 Clayton Highway interchange or not to solve the traffic congestion problem that often occurs during peak holiday and vacation periods when travelers are deprived of the time they’ve spent there , returning to Texas and Oklahoma Colorado.

After the assessment period, NMDOT engineers and consultants developed five plans and had these plans classified to rank the various projects. Of the various projects, one that keeps things pretty close to what Raton has currently ranked highest. This project could also include traffic lights to control and facilitate traffic.

There are two other project designs that will have a roundabout at each end of the bridge over I-25 to facilitate traffic flow. However, it was noted that the unfamiliarity of roundabouts for many drivers could lead to wrong-way drivers and potential accidents. The two projects that resulted in the lowest rankings do nothing or replace and widen the current bridge and provide better pedestrian and bicycle access across the bridge.

Recently, US64/87 was redesignated as I-27 from Amarillo to New Mexico, terminating in Raton. During the comment period, it was asked whether this designation was taken into account when designing the connection point. The answer is yes, it was considered in the design. Bohannan Huston’s Roy Gibson noted that business access will be maintained on both sides of the interchange during construction. An initial engineer’s cost estimate for the project could reach $40 million given current supply issues.

NMDOT accepts comments from the public by emailing [email protected]

For more information about the project, see https://bhi.mysocialpinpoint.com/raton-clayton-interchange

People can also send a letter to NMDOT advisor Bohannan Huston
Attn: Raton/Clayton project team
Bohannan Huston, Inc.
7500 Jefferson Street NE
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This chart shows the three plans that received the highest ratings for the I-25 Clayton road project.
This is the existing I-25 interchange with plans to build a new bridge over I-25.
This NMDOT plan will replace the existing Clayton Road bridge over I-25 and extend the on- and off-ramps away from the bridge to facilitate traffic flow and will also include traffic signals.
This NMDOT plan will use the existing bridge and add roundabouts at each end to facilitate traffic flow.
This NMDOT plan calls for replacing the bridge over I-25 and adding roundabouts at each end to ease traffic flow.