The Walking Dead Finale Director at Carol’s Ending (Exclusive)

Warning: This story contains spoilers for The Walking Dead series finale, “Rep.” The end of the Walking Dead is not the end for Carol Peletier. It’s not the end for actress Melissa McBride. And it’s not the end of “Caryl,” the enduring relationship between best friends Carol and Daryl (Norman Reedus). In September 2020, AMC announced that Reedus and McBride would lead Daryl & Carol The spin-off focused on the two fan-favorite characters and continued their stories thereafter the Walking Deadis the eleventh and final season. But Daryl and Carol weren’t meant to ride off into the sunset together—at least not yet.

But weeks after filming the flagship show, which ended in April, McBride took a bow from the Living Dead spin off. “Moving to Europe became logistically untenable for Melissa at this point,” AMC said in a statement, adding, “the Walking Dead The universe continues to grow and expand in interesting ways and we really hope to see Carol again in the near future.”

The spin-off that was developed by Living Dead Showrunner Angela Kang and Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple were revised to focus on Daryl traveling alone on a new adventure that takes him to Paris, France (where the six-episode first season is currently with Reedus and director Greg Nicotero is filmed). .

On the Walking Dead Series finale on Sunday night, Carol and Daryl saved Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) from a gunshot wound when a herd of strays invaded Ohio’s Commonwealth. They then aided General Mercer (Michael James Shaw) in his coup to depose corrupt governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins), destroy the zombie herd, and save the thousands of Commonwealth citizens Milton had left to die.

In the end, a one-year time jump revealed that Carol replaced the late Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) as Deputy Governor of the Commonwealth. Instead of baking cookies, Carol will work alongside Lieutenant Governor Mercer and her ex-husband, Governor Ezekiel Sutton (Khary Payton) to make the Commonwealth a better place to live.

“I wish you’d come with me,” says Daryl, who has been exploring “the frontier.” Daryl and Carol once discussed getting on his motorcycle and heading west to New Mexico, but she has a job to do. “It’ll be fine,” she tells him. “For you, for me.”

“It’s not like we’ll never see each other again,” Daryl tells Carol. She replies with a tearful smile: “I’m allowed to be a little sad. You’re my best friend.” After Daryl asks Judith to keep an eye on her Aunt Carol, Daryl leaves the Grimes children in their care in the Commonwealth. With a final hug goodbye, the BFFs exchange “I love you” before Daryl rides alone to his new adventure.

comic book asked executive producer Greg Nicotero, who further directed the series, if Carol’s ending changed after McBride decided to leave the series Daryl & Carol spin off:

“No, [the final scenes between Carol and Daryl] were written and kind of ready to go,” revealed Nicotero. “But the truth is, these two literally have tangible chemistry with each other. And so much of it revolves around their mannerisms. It’s not about the words they say to each other because the words really don’t fit the chemistry these two people have and the affection they have for each other.”

As indicated by both McBride and Reedus, the Walking Dead The series finale isn’t the end of the road for Carol and Daryl.

“I think it’s safe to say that just because Daryl left and Carol is in the Commonwealth doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to end up there and stay there,” Nicotero teased. “So there’s a lot to be said for that moment where Carol was at peace where she was. And Daryl was kind of ready to move on and ready to go out there and see what else was out there in the world. “

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