Tour a Cabo Beach House with splashes of warm color

In terms of latitude and landscape, Chicago and Cabo could not be more different. But don’t tell Sasha Adler that. When a Windy City couple asked the interior designer to work on their new home in Mexico, Adler knew there was a dissonance she was keen to explore. “In many ways, this oceanfront home was the antithesis of a city apartment,” she admits. “Nevertheless, I had worked with the homeowners on several other projects in Chicago. So while I [had an] instinct of what they are drawn to, there was still genuine excitement about the possibilities in this new space.”

Adler understood the client’s love for all things authentic to the region and immersed himself in Mexican culture. “I was up here with books on Mexican architecture and design,” Adler hints, one hand at eye level. “I knew they wanted a lot of traditional colors, a lot of local artisans and craftsmen.” Adler and the homeowners took a whirlwind tour of Mexico—specifically to Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City—in search of the finest materials of the region. And while European antiques and Art Deco decor feature throughout the home, everything has been carefully crafted to interact with the warmth of Mexican design.

The homeowners, who are parents to six children (the oldest is 11), really wanted the space to feel relaxed and inviting. And while precious works of art seem to become more stunning from one wall to the next, the ever-present carefree warmth of a seaside home remains. “Our kids are so respectful and aware of the art on the walls,” customers explain. “This was designed as a beach house, so we come in wet bathing suits and sit anywhere. It really is a perfect mix as none of the decorations are too precious.”

Chicago clients lead busy lives, which makes the family feel of their Cabo home all the more important. “As a family, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen area,” the couple explain. “The doors are open most of the time, so we like to sit in there as a unit and enjoy the view of the water. It’s amazing because everyone, even our youngest ones, we all seem to get softer when we’re here.”

Customers are also generous with space, often inviting friends and family to spend time with them in Mexico. “I don’t think I’ve met such helpful hosts,” remarks Adler. “So I really jumped at the idea of ​​designing the house not just for the immediate family, but for all the people who come to visit.”

Customers certainly feel this extra effort throughout the establishment. “You can walk into a part of the house you’ve been in before, sit down, take in the surroundings and the details, and really feel like you’ve never been there,” the homeowners admit. “It just shows the power of great design.”