What do we know about the University of New Mexico shooting that killed one person?

The NCAA was rocked again by the news that one of its athletes was involved in a shooting following the mass shootings in Virginia last week.

NMSU basketball player hospitalized after shooting with one dead

According to reports Saturday, a New Mexico State University basketball player is in the hospital after being involved in a shooting at the campus of rival University of New Mexico in the early hours of Saturday morning. Unfortunately, police also confirmed that another individual, identified as a 19-year-old UNM student, Brandon Travis, was killed in the altercation. The shooting happened on the same day that the two teams were scheduled to compete at the New Mexico campus in Alburquerque. The game was understandably postponed.

What do we know about the UNM campus shooting?

In light of comments from the New Mexico State Police on Sunday, We can understand that Travis “conspired with a 17-year-old woman and two of Travis’s male friends, all UNM students, to lure the 21-year-old victim to the UNM campus and assault him.” The NMSP stated that an altercation began at this point, which in turn resulted in the yet-to-be-identified NMSU player shooting Travis, who was later pronounced dead at the scene. According to police, the player has not been identified due to a protocol that stipulates that a victim or person who has not yet been charged with a crime cannot be identified. Regarding the aforementioned woman, NMSP stated that she was committed to a juvenile detention center on charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy.

NMS addresses the shooting

Following the horrifying event, New Mexico State Chancellor Dan Arvizu released a statement implying this Some school staff stayed in Albuquerque to be with the hospitalized player while the rest of the team returned home.

“We are aware that one of our student athletes is now hospitalized following an altercation on the UNM campus,” Arvizu said in a statement. “We also know that another person lost their life following this altercation. Every untimely death is a tragedy, but it’s especially heartbreaking when it involves students and happens on a college campus. I spoke to UNM President Garnett Stokes and sent him my condolences and those of our entire NMSU community.” A sad end to a weekend of sport and healthy competition between neighboring schools – some 200 miles apart – and another reminder in just over a week of the gun violence that continues to claim many lives.