🌱 Sanitary Worker Killed + Chilly Philly Marathon + National Dog Show

Hello folks. I’m back in your inbox this morning with everything you need to know about what’s happening around town these days. In today’s issue you will find news about…

  • Philadelphia police have released surveillance video of the suspect wanted in connection with the murder of a city of Philadelphia sanitation worker who was shot dead on the job.
  • Thousands of runners from across the US descended on Philadelphia to brave the cold and run in one of the top 10 marathons in the country.
  • It was a dog day afternoon when the top dogs dazzled the crowd at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show.

But first today’s weather:

Plenty of sunshine. High: 45 Low: 29.

Here are the top stories in Philadelphia today:

  1. For the second time this year, a Philadelphia city worker has been shot dead at work. Ikeem Johnson, 35, was fatally shot while picking up rubbish on Rowland Avenue in Mayfair on Friday morning. Investigators say the suspect took off in a dark-colored Subaru Outback with a roof rack and tinted windows. (6abc Philadelphia)
  2. It was a chilly start for participants in this year’s Philadelphia Marathon. Despite temperatures just above freezing, they raced the 26-mile course to the finish where grand prizes worth thousands of dollars awaited them.
  3. The Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s two pedigree dog shows were held this past weekend, but coverage will air on Thanksgiving Day. The shows, sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, help raise money for a variety of canine-related causes, such as: B. the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Who is the top dog? (WPVI-TV)

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Today in Philly:

  • Student-Led Conferences Q1 – U School (00:00)
  • First Round of the World Championship @ Misconduct Tavern (2:00pm)
  • KMA Meeting – Keystone Academy Charter School (7:00 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • Don’t you miss the pandemic when nobody was allowed to travel on Thanksgiving? As crooner Perry Como put it best, “There’s no better place to celebrate the holidays than at home,” so pack your bags and eat out with your tribe! Here’s how Philadelphia International Airport is preparing for the holiday rush. (WHY)
  • Just as a lifeguard’s whistle is a reminder of summer, the sound of a handbell is reminiscent of the Red Cauldron of the Salvation Army. It’s that time again and you’ll see and hear the bell and kettle in front of stores and busy shopping areas. (WPVI-TV)
  • Hey, if the Powerball lottery went up to $375 million, would you buy a ticket? Sure you would, millions of people would! The recent Senate race between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman spent $375 million in one of the costliest elections in the Commonwealth. (billypenn.com)

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Patty Pat Kozlowski

About me: Patty-Pat Kozlowski has been writing Community News and Philly-Cenric Op/Eds for over 20 years. A jack of all trades, she has been a stand-up comedian, chef, DJ, newspaper editor, food truck driver, and parks director for Philadelphia Parks & Rec, as well as a community clerk/legislator for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Philadelphia City Council.

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