$10,000 fine against Parx Casino for allowing underage gambling

BENSALEM TOWNSHIP, PA — Parx Casino was fined $10,000 by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for allowing an 18-year-old underage player into Street Road Casino last year

The Gaming Committee said during a public meeting last week that Parx Casino was fined over an incident in which an 18-year-old man gained access to the gaming floor and gambled. The incident happened on August 15, 2021.

The approved Consent Agreement was the result of negotiations between the Board of Directors and Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc, the operator of Parx Casino.

The $10,000 fine was levied after casino staff allowed the 18-year-old into the gaming room, who then played at a gaming table.

The teenager entered the casino at 12:29 am where three security guards were assigned to the arcade entrance in the valet pickup area.

According to the gaming committee, the teenager entered the arcade a few minutes later while security officers checked on his companions. He was not asked for his identity, the board explained in a document of its findings released on Patch Monday.

Once on the playing surface, the teenager approached a cage cashier at window 13 of the Xclusive Cage and had a brief chat with a cashier. However, no transaction took place and no identification was requested.

While lying on the ground for 11 minutes, the individual placed multiple $25 bets before being asked to identify himself again. The casino said casino management was alerted and the teenager was removed from the arcade and placed in the custody of state police and a subpoena was issued.

The board said the person also did not consume any alcoholic beverages in the casino.

Pennsylvania law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from entering the gaming room or playing in a casino. It is the casino staff’s responsibility to verify the age of any person accessing their casino and participating in gaming activities.

Parx spokeswoman Carrie Nork Minelli said the teenager evaded security by mingling with a group of people, all over the age of 21, the Bucks County Courier News reported.

Minelli said the teenager was identified as young by staff and shown out after showing his ID. The incident was immediately reported to the Bureau of Casino Compliance, as is the case with Parx, Minelli said.

Parx is also required to pay $2,500 in costs incurred by the board of directors for the investigation.

This is the second incident involving Parx Casino since Parx Casino’s slot machine license was renewed in May 2019, the Gaming Authority said. A warning letter was also issued in January 2020.