Artalona takes title at 157lbs, Wrestling finishes second at PRTC Keystone Classic 2022

PHILADELPHIA – The No. 15-ranked University of Pennsylvania wrestling team opened the home portion of its 2022-23 season on Sunday with the 2022 Pennsylvania Regional Training Center Keystone Classic. The one-day tournament was the first wrestling event at the Palestra since Penn Drexel at one Defeated Dual-Meeting 35-8 in February. For the second week in a row Anthony Artalona took home the title at 157 pounds. Cole Urbas took home the title of most falls in the shortest time of the tournament with three.

The Red-Blues saw 15 grappler finishes, including eight top-three finishes. Doug Zapf (149) and Michael Colaiocco (133) each took second place in their respective weight class. Third place included Ryan Miller (125), Evan Mougalian (133), Carmen Ferrante (141), Urbas (197) and Ben Goldin (285).

newcomers Louis Colaiocco, Hunter Gandyand Matthew cruise all making their college debuts. L. Colaiocco won his first fight via a technical fall over Rider’s Wyatt McCarthy and Cruise earned his first collegiate win with a 7-2 decision over Sacred Heart’s Marc Berisha in the consolation round.

Urbas won the title for most falls in the shortest amount of time as he started his day with a pin from Drexel’s Chase Levey (2-0, 0:52) and then a quarterfinal pin from Virginia Tech’s TJ Stewart (2-4, 4th place). :32).
team results

  1. Virginia Tech – 174.5
  2. Penn-163.5
  3. Driver – 120
  4. Appalachian State – 115
  5. Harvard-71
  6. George Mason-70
  7. Drexel – 69
  8. State of Arizona – 65.5
  9. Duke – 34.5
  10. Franklin & Marshall—30
  11. Sacred Heart – 12

Sean Seefeldt (0-2)
Antonio Mininno (Drexel) MD Sean Seefeldt (Penn), 12-3
Markel Baker (George Mason) DEC Sean Seefeldt (Penn), 6-1

Brady Pruett (1-2)
Brady Pruett (Penn) DEC Nieko Malone (driver), 5-3
Mason Leiphart (Franklin & Marshall) MD Brady Pruett (Penn), 15-1
Gabe Giampietro (Drexel) F Brady Pruett (Penn), 3:42

Ryan Miller (4-1)
Ryan Miller (Penn) F. Benny Herrera (Sacred Heart), 2:27
Ryan Miller (Penn) DEC Gio Diaz (Franklin & Marshall), 8-2
Cooper Flynn (Virginia Tech) DEC Ryan Miller (Penn), 10-4
Ryan Miller (Penn) MD Mason Leiphart (Franklin & Marshall), 15-4
Ryan Miller (Penn) NC Antonio Mininno (Drexel)

Michael Colaiocco (3-1)
Michael Colaiocco (Penn) F. Jake Carlucci (Sacred Heart), 2:09
Michael Colaiocco (Penn) MD Beau Bayless (Harvard), 13-3
Michael Colaiocco (Penn) DEC Julian Chlebove (Arizona State), 3-1
Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) DEC Michael Colaiocco (Penn), 7-2

Evan Mougalian (5-1)
Evan Mougalian (Penn) F. Drake Doolittle (Duke), 1:11
Sam Latona (Virginia Tech) DEC Evan Mougalian (Penn), 7-2
Evan Mougalian (Penn)MD Brandon Wittenberg (Virginia Tech), 8-0
Evan Mougalian (Penn) MD Richie Koehler (driver), 16-6
Evan Mougalian (Penn) DEC Julian Chlebove (Arizona State), 7-4
Evan Mougalian (Penn) DEC Kyle Waterman (Drexel), 9-2

Jackson polo (3-3)
Jackson polo (Penn) DEC Anthony Glasl (George Mason), 6-1
Jackson polo (Penn) DEC Bryce Kresho (Franklin & Marshall), 5-3
Collin Gerardi (Virginia Tech) DEC Jackson polo (Penn), 8-5
Jackson polo (Penn) DEC Heath Gonyer (Appalachian State), 5-4
Kenny Herrmann (Harvard) DEC Jackson polo (Penn), 4-0
Kyle Hauserman (Penn)F Jackson polo (Penn), 2:40

Kyle Hauserman (3-2)
Kyle Hauserman (Penn) DEC Jarred Papcsy (Duke), 3-2 TB2
Mckenzie Bell (Driver) DEC Kyle Hauserman (Penn), 6-4
Kyle Hauserman (Penn) F. Riley Edwards (Appalachia State), 6:46
Joseph Cangro (Harvard) DEC Kyle Hauserman (Penn), 2-0
Kyle Hauserman (Penn)F Jackson polo (Penn), 2:40

Carmen Ferrante (4-1)
Carmen Ferrante (Penn) MD Bryan Miraglia (driver), 12-3
Carmen Ferrante (Penn) DEC Kenny Herrmann (Harvard), 4-1
Collin Gerardi (Virginia Tech) DEC Carmen Ferrante (Penn), 2-2TB2
Carmen Ferrante (Penn) DEC Joseph Cangro (Harvard), 7-5
Carmen Ferrante (Penn) DEC Kenny Herrmann (Harvard), 4-1

Vincent Mannella (3-1)
Vincent Mannella (Penn) DEC Gabe Onorato (Drexel), 6-0
Vincent Mannella (Penn) F. Dakota Asuncion (Sacred Heart), 2:26
Quinn Kinner South Harrison Township, NJ (Driver) F Vincent Mannella (Penn), 2:21
Kaden Keizer Winner, SD (Appalachian State) DEC Vincent Mannella (Penn), 5-4

Doug Zapf (3-1)
Doug Zapf (Penn) MD Kaden Keizer Winner, SD (Appalachian State), 19-8
Doug Zapf (Penn) MD Evan Maag Bethlehem, PA (George Mason), 18-8
Doug Zapf (Penn) DEC Caleb Henson Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech), 7-5 SV
Jonathan Millner Greensboro, NC (Appalachian State) DEC Doug Zapf (Penn), 5-2

Louis Colaiocco (1-2)
Louis Colaiocco Sparta, NJ (Penn) TF Wyatt McCarthy (driver), 16-0 6:29
Clayton Ulrey (Virginia Tech) MD Louis Colaiocco (Penn), 18-6
Cam Connor (Penn) DEC Louis Colaiocco (Penn), 8-2

Hunter Gandy (0-2)
Jake Silverstein (Driver) DEC Hunter Gandy New Jersey (Penn), 8-2
Nick Alvarez (Franklin & Marshall) DEC Hunter Gandy (Penn), 11-6

Cam Connor (2-2)
Peter Pappas (George Mason) DEC Cam Connor (Penn), 6-2
Cam Connor (Penn) DEC Louis Colaiocco (Penn), 8-2
Cam Connor (Penn) DEC Nick Alvarez (Franklin & Marshall), 7-3
Michael Kilic (Arizona State) DEC Cam Connor (Penn), 5-0

Cole Spencer (2-2)
Cody Bond (Appalachia State) DEC Cole Spencer (Penn), 6-0
Cole Spencer (Penn) MD Colton Washleski (driver), 10-2
Cole Spencer (Penn) DEC Preston Decker (Duke), 5-0
Jackson Spiers (Virginia Tech) DEC Cole Spencer (Penn), 3-1

Anthony Artalona (4-0)
Anthony Artalona (Penn) MD Colton Washleski (driver), 12-3
Anthony Artalona (Penn) F. Evan Gleason (Harvard), 6:45
Anthony Artalona (Penn) DEC Tommy Askey (Appalachian State), 5-4
Anthony Artalona (Penn) DEC Peter Pappas (George Mason), 3-1 SV

Luke Revano (3-3)
Luke Revano (Penn) DEC Andrew Dickson (George Mason), 7-5
Luke Revano (Penn) DEC Hunter Mays (driver), 5-5 TB2
Luke Revano (Penn) F. Brandon Teresa (Sacred Heart), 4:32
Connor Brady (Virginia Tech) DEC Luke Revano (Penn), 3-1SV
Hunter Mays (Rider) DEC Luke Revano (Penn), 3-2
Josh Kim (Harvard) DEC Luke Revano (Penn), 3-1

Gab Miller (0-2)
Connor Brady (Virginia Tech) MD Gab Miller (Penn), 12-4
Alex Frowert (George Mason) DEC Gab Miller (Penn), 5-2

Jeremy Ridge (1-2)
Evan Barczak (Drexel) MD Jeremy Ridge (Penn), 10-2
Jeremy Ridge (Penn) DEC Andrew Dickson (George Mason), 6-4
Ty Finn Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech) MD Jeremy Ridge (Penn), 12-1

Nick Incontrera (6-3)
Nick Incontrera (Penn) MD Jack Janda Cherry Hill, NJ (Drexel), 12-4
Corey Connolly (Driver) DEC Nick Incontrera (Penn), 9-8
Nick Incontrera (Penn) MD Tanner Updegraff (Drexel), 17-4
Nick Incontrera (Penn) DEC Jacob Stefanowicz Harveys (Penn), 7-0
Nick Incontrera (Penn) DEC Jacob Stefanowicz Harveys (Penn), 7-0
Nick Incontrera (Penn)TF Malachi Wiley (Penn) 16-0 2:53
Nick Incontrera (Penn) MD Alex Whitworth (Harvard), 11-3
Corey Connolly (driver) NC Nick Incontrera (penn)
Brett Mordecai (Appalachia State) NC Nick Incontrera (penn)

Jake Stefanowicz (1-1)
Ryan Bolletino (Sacred Heart) DEC Jake Stefanowicz Harvey’s (Penn), 5-2
Jake Stefanowicz Harvey’s (Penn) DEC Alex Marciniak (Sacred Heart), 5-3

Mike Kistler (2-2)
Will Miller (Appalachia State) F Mike Kistler (Penn), 6:33
Mike Kistler (Penn) F. Diego Chaves (Arizona State), 2:25
Mike Kistler (Penn) DEC Isaac Dean (driver), 9-6
Alex Whitworth (Harvard) DEC Mike Kistler (Penn), 3-1SV

Malachi Wiley (1-1)
Malachi Wiley (Penn) DEC Conor Becker (Duke), 2-1
Shane Reitsma (Driver) DEC Malachi Wiley (Penn), 5-3

Max Hale (5-2)
Max Hale (Penn) TF Owen Ayotte (Sacred Heart), 18-0 2:27
Tyler Kocak (George Mason) DEC Max Hale (Penn), 3-2
Max Hale (Penn) DEC Joe Zovistoski (Appalachian State), 3-2
Max Hale (Penn) vs. Lucas Uliano (Appalachian State), 2:21
Max Hale (Penn) DEC John Stark (Penn), 3-1SV
Samuel Fisher (Virginia Tech) DEC Max Hale (Penn), 3-2
Max Hale (Penn) NC Malachi Duvall (George Mason)

John Stark (3-2)
John Stark (Penn) MD Aladeen Hussein (Sacred Heart), 16-2
Leonardo Tarantino (Harvard) DEC John Stark (Penn), 6-3
John Stark (Penn) DEC Jacob Meissner (Arizona State), 6-5
Max Hale (Penn) DEC John Stark (Penn), 3-1SV
John Stark (Penn) DEC Josh Stillings Green Lane, PA (Drexel), 3-2

Jesse Martinez (0-2)
Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) MD Jesse Martinez (Penn), 15-3
Jonathan List (George Mason) DEC Jesse Martinez (Penn), 6-4 SV

Cole Urbas (4-1)
Cole Urbas (Penn) F Chase Levey (Drexel), 0:52
Cole Urbas (Penn) F Tj Stewart (Virginia Tech), 4:32
Ethan Laird Ewing (Driver) F Cole Urbas (Penn), 2:30
Cole Urbas (Penn) F. John Crawford (Franklin & Marshall), 4:10
Cole Urbas (Penn) DEC Tj Stewart (Virginia Tech), 6-4

Zakaria Loudini (0-2)
Mason Fiscella (Appalachia State) F Zakaria Loudini (Penn), 5:45
Triston Norris (Appalachia State) MD Zakaria Loudini (Penn), 12-2

Matthew cruise (1-2)
Triston Norris (Appalachia State) F Matthew cruise (Penn), 4:18
Matthew cruise (Penn) DEC Marc Berisha (Sacred Heart), 7-2
Mason Fiscella (Appalachia State) DEC Matthew cruise (Penn), 7-3

Ben Goldin (4-1)
Ben Goldin (Penn) F. Connor Barket (Duke), 1:19
Ben Goldin (Penn) F. Jeff Crooks Cobleskill, NY (Harvard), 2:37
Jonah Niesenbaum (Duke) DEC Ben Goldin (Penn), 3-1SV
Ben Goldin (Penn) DEC Mason Fiscella (Appalachia State), 3-2
Ben Goldin (Penn) DEC David Szuba (driver), 3-1 SV

Nate Hoaglund (1-3)
Hunter Catka (Virginia Tech) MD Nate Hoaglund (Penn), 8-0
Nate Hoaglund (Penn) DEC Connor Barket (Duke), 6-5
Mason Fiscella (Appalachia State) DEC Nate Hoaglund (Penn), 7-3
Triston Norris (Appalachia State) DEC Nate Hoaglund (Penn), 11-8


Penn will begin the dual-meet portion of his schedule next weekend when he travels to Iowa City on November 26 at 3pm EST against 2021 national champions Iowa Hawkeyes.

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