Coffee design: Máquina Coffee in Pennsylvania

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Gabriel Boscana was inspired by nautical and mechanical themes for the fresh new packaging of Máquina Coffee. The Coatesville, Pennsylvania-based roaster took a new direction with the branding and color of the bag, opting for a deep aqua blue, reflective copper and a new branding. We spoke to founder Gabriel Boscana to find out more.

When did the new packaging come out?

It debuted in July 2022!

What are some of the big differences between the old style and the new style?

The most obvious difference was the color of the bag. I wanted it to resemble deep water. I’m from Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, and coffee is often transported by sea. The actual bag is slightly wider and thicker to allow more space for a well designed label and the branding which is now just the word “máquina” and not just the hand and crank logo. We decided to redesign the hand logo and place it on the back of the bag to pay homage to the original design without repeating it exactly. On the spandrels is a copper topographical map of Puerto Rico, specifically the San Juan region where I was born and raised. I also thought it looked beautiful. Maps represent our journeys and where we get amazing coffee from. Maps remind us that we are small and connected on this planet. The label is simple and direct. Customers can get more information about the coffees on the website. I didn’t want the pockets to look too busy. We wanted elegant pragmatism. After almost six years it was time to start again.

Who did you collaborate with for the new look?

I was working with a friend of mine who is super talented and really understands my perspective from both a design and intent standpoint. It was incredibly easy and I’m very grateful that she helped me design the bag and bring it to life.

Did you take inspiration from anywhere when developing the new look?

I was inspired by my inner world and what I find beautiful. I was also inspired by nautical, mechanical and steampunk colors like copper and a reinterpreted Mechanic’s Blue, as well as the simplicity and elegance of maps and schematic drawings. I also wanted the word “máquina” to be front and center in an almost old-fashioned newspaper typeface. I wanted the bag to feel very straight forward but thought through. There’s magic in this bag – but you don’t need a secret code to crack it.

maquina coffee design 02

Tell us about your foray into Instant – how’s it going?

Instant is going very well! I’ve found that people are really craving a super-fast and delicious way to get some good ol’ caffeine into their bodies, no matter where they are. Swift was great and easy to work with and local (the Máquina roastery is about an hour away). The flavors are great and I’ve found that people who want to try more “fancy” coffee without the perceived hassle of brewing have found the instant coffee very helpful.

Which coffees are you currently looking forward to?

I’m very excited about the newly launched Colombia Laboyano. This is a coffee that we have purchased over the past three years and are delighted to have it back on the menu. I’m also looking forward to a new beautiful Ethiopia Natural, Peru Gesha and a very, very special Microlot Colombia, all of which will be on the menu over the next few weeks just in time for the holidays. Oh, and some delicious Ecuadors will be back on the menu too!

Where is your coffee available?

Máquina is available in several stores across Pennsylvania, some in Brooklyn, and scattered in some amazing little stores across the US. However, the best way to get your hands on some is to head over to the website

Thanks very much!

Coffee Design is proudly sponsored by Savor Brands, your push for coffee enjoyment by maximizing design in packaging, sustainability and technology.