Pennsylvania American Water is reminding you to “fear the fog” this holiday season.


We ask our customers not to make the mistake of pouring greases, oils and greases down the kitchen drain after cooking,” said Jim Runzer, vice president of operations at Pennsylvania American Water. “By taking simple steps to prevent FOG backflow, costly backlogs in the home, in our sewage systems, and adverse impacts on our watersheds from overflows can be avoided.”

Traditional holiday staples like turkey, gravy and all the trimmings are laced with fats, oils and greases which when poured down the drain can stick to the inside of pipes and cause clogs leading to overflows and sewage backlogs.

Aside from tasty meals, the buildup of fat from such delicacies can restrict sewage flow—or worse—block the homeowner’s or utility’s sewer pipes. Neither dish soap nor garbage disposal can properly break down these materials that accumulate over time – act now to avoid messing up your tinsel!

Protect your pipes and watersheds by following these simple tips to avoid FOG spills:

  • Never pour grease down sinks, toilets or drains.

  • Allow fat to cool and use a rubber scraper to scrape grease, oil and grease from cookware, plates, utensils and cooking surfaces. Then place the grease in a sealed container and discard in the trash.

  • Install baskets/strainers in the sink drain to catch leftover food and dispose of it in the trash.

  • Please remember that garbage disposal does not prevent grease from being washed down the drain.

Also, detergents that claim to dissolve grease can pass it down the line and cause problems in other parts of the sewage system.

Finally, flushing towels (even those labeled flushable or biodegradable) and paper towels down the toilet can wreak havoc in sewer systems. Wipes and paper towels belong in the trash!

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