Pennsylvania Dems turn over State House for 1st time in a decade

Joanna McClinton (center) becomes Pennsylvania's first female speaker of the House of Representatives.

Joanna McClinton (center) becomes Pennsylvania’s first female speaker of the House of Representatives.

As midterm election results continue to trickle in, they get worse for right-wing viewers and cable news pundits who have predicted a “red wave.” Case in point: Democrats flipped the Pennsylvania State House on Friday, taking control for the first time in a decade. This comes after Democrats Josh Shapiro (the current attorney general) and John Fetterman (the current lieutenant governor) won their races for governor and the US Senate, respectively.

For the past week, attorneys for Democratic and Republican candidates have been haggling over remaining provisional ballots in close races, primarily in the 142nd state districts of Bucks County and the 151st state house of Montgomery County. An attorney for both Democratic candidates in those races said Spotlight PA that Republicans’ strategy was to disqualify as many ballots as possible through “really tricky challenges submitted opportunistically to try to disenfranchise Democratic voters.” Apparently that didn’t work.

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In a true testament to how important every vote really is, the Democrat in the 151st district was up just 12 votes late last week; Earlier this week, only a few hundred ballots remained to be counted. And now, with Democrats narrowly in control of the State House for the first time since 2010, they are led by the chamber’s first speaker, Joanna McClinton.

For months we were told this election cycle would be devastating for Democrats, who were allegedly “too focused” on abortion rights after the fall Roe v. calf.

But it turns out that abortion is a winning theme. Not only have Democrats maintained control of the Senate and averted major losses in the House of Representatives at the federal level, but also results at the state level – which will be paramount in the post-election period.roe fight for abortion rights – were even more determined. Along with Pennsylvania, Arizona elected a Democratic governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. Michigan has re-elected Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), along with Michigan’s Democratic Attorney General, who helped the state defeat a pre-warroe abortion ban, and the Democrats also painted the Michigan legislature blue. North Carolina Democrats resisted a Republican supermajority that could have overridden the Democratic governor’s veto on abortion bans. Not to mention that abortion rights have won every election this year: in Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Michigan, California and Vermont, despite aggressive anti-abortion disinformation campaigns.

State-level and state-wide elections have never had a greater impact on our health and our right to physical autonomy — and judging by the feedback from deep purple Pennsylvania, voters know it.

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