Startling new details in conspiracy against synagogues in New York

Startling new details surfaced Sunday in the conspiracy to attack Big Apple synagogues, including how the mastermind told police he runs an online white racist group and has Nazi memorabilia because “it’s really cool,” claims court documents.

Christopher Brown, 21, who tweeted anti-Semitic threats using the username VrillKhan and the alias @VrillGod, told police he and accused cohort Matthew Mahrer met Friday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan to carry out the attacks, before they were arrested.

Police said the couple bought a Glock 9mm pistol in Pennsylvania for $650.

“I have a sick personality,” Brown said, according to a police criminal complaint.

“I wanted to be a coward and blow my head off with it,” he reportedly told police. “It took me three years to finally buy the gun. Matt is one of my followers. I have Nazi paraphernalia in my house. I think it’s really cool.

“I also run a Twitter group for white supremacists,” he is quoted as saying in the complaint.

Christopher Brown, 21, is accused of planning an attack on city synagogues.
Christopher Brown, 21, is accused of planning an attack on city synagogues.
Kevin C Downs for NY Post

The NYPD had intercepted a series of ominous tweets from Brown, beginning with a Nov. 12 boast that said, “Major steps will be taken on Friday.”

Four days later, Brown reportedly released a 6-second video with a chilling message: “Brutally murdering people with hatchets and such. How it feels to kill people.

“I’m going to ask a priest if I should marry or shoot a synagogue and die,” he reportedly posted Thursday.

“I’m really going to do it this time,” police said, which he posted on Friday.

Matthew Mahrer, 22.
Matthew Mahrer, 22, is accused of taking part in a conspiracy to attack city synagogues.
William Mueller

Police recovered the gun and a bulletproof vest from Maher’s Upper West Side apartment after arresting the conspiring couple.

“The two defendants possessed a firearm, a high-capacity magazine, ammunition, a [8-inch] long military-style knife, a swastika arm patch, a ski mask and a bulletproof vest, along with other items,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement.

“Hateful anti-Semitic attacks on synagogues are deplorable,” Bragg said. “The Manhattan Attorney’s Office will now pursue accountability and justice in this case with the full resources of our Counter-Terrorism Program and the recently expanded and expanded Hate Crimes Division.”

Brown was indicted early Sunday and charged with making a terrorist threat and six counts of gun possession, according to court documents. He was held without bail.

Maher, 22, was charged Saturday with gun possession and is being held on $150,000 bail or $300,000 bail, despite a request from Manhattan prosecutors that he be held without bail in the case.