Taylor Swift tickets fiasco draws attention from AG Josh Shapiro


Also, Pat Toomey is delivering a bunch of Worst-of-Philly Wawa soft pretzels to Ted Cruz… Gisele Fetterman looks divine in a $12 thrift store dress.

Photos of Taylor Swift and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who wants to hear from you if you've had trouble getting Taylor Swift tickets through Ticketmaster

Left: Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General (and Governor-elect), whose office deals with Ticketmaster and the Taylor Swift ticketing fiasco. (Photo via Tom Wolf) | Right: Taylor Swift (Photo by Raph_PH via Wikimedia Creative Commons)

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro jumps into Ticketmaster Taylor Swift Tickets fiasco

If you’re a huge Taylor Swift fan, or have members of your family who are huge Taylor Swift fans, then you probably know that there has been a lot of outrage over Taylor Swift tickets this week.

In short, Ticketmaster has launched a presale for 2023 Taylor Swift: Epochs Tour earlier this week, with tickets set to go on sale to the general public today, Friday. But pre-sales have been marred by oodles of Ticketmaster issues. There is all sorts of talk about the unfairness of Ticketmaster, scalper bots and the like.

Long story short, there are quite a few Taylor Swift fans out there who didn’t get tickets through Ticketmaster. And now Ticketmaster has canceled the public presale that was supposed to take place today. I know more than a few parents who have tried to get Taylor Swift tickets as Christmas gifts for their kids (secure they were for your children), but they are now going away empty-handed. Meanwhile, people who got tickets through Ticketmaster are trying to resell them for as much as $28,000. The horror!

But fear not, Pennsylvanians. Josh Shapiro is here. The current Pennsylvania Attorney General, who will become Pennsylvania Governor in January, wants to hear from you, discouraged Taylor Swift fans:

That’s right, the Attorney General’s office is investigating the Ticketmaster affair. (Hey Shapiro does Have children who are the perfect age to be Taylor Swift fans.) If you feel you’ve been scammed, file a complaint with Shapiro’s office here.

Gisele Fetterman wears a $12 second-hand dress on day one at the US Capitol

John Fetterman and Gisele Fetterman wearing a $12 second-hand dress on her first day at the United States Capitol

Photo courtesy of Gisele Fetterman (via Twitter)

I knew I loved Gisele Fetterman. But now that I know she buys a lot of her clothes from thrift stores (just search her hashtag #WearUsedClothes on social media), I love her even more. Fashion contains the details of this truly important family history of Fetterman.

pat toomey, ted cruz and some wawa pretzels

Pat Toomey, Ted Cruz and some Wawa soft pretzels (Image via Pat Toomey/Twitter)

The only Pat Toomey-Ted Cruz moment we’ll ever love

OK, so Pat Toomey and Ted Cruz had a fun little bet on the Phillies-Astros World Series. Ted Cruz put up everything he put up. And Pat Toomey put up some yards and Yuengling beer and some Wawa soft pretzels. Toomey delivered all of this to Cruz on Thursday:

A few notes about this photo.

  • Gotta love Pat Toomey’s defeated face as he’s forced to wear an Astros uniform.
  • If I were Ted Cruz, I’d be grateful that Toomey included two bottles of some spicy brown mustard, an absolute must for any soft pretzel.
  • Of course, they had to take the photo in front of a mural of GOP hero Ronald Reagan. (Bit of trivia: Reagan was reportedly not a beer guy, preferring a brew that was essentially a screwdriver with some sweet vermouth.)
  • And…I wonder if Ted Cruz knows the Philly Mag named Wawa Soft Pretzels the worst in Philly in August. Don’t choke, Ted!

Pink Drinks Ranch Dressing from a jar

I can’t imagine Doylestown native Pink – who just announced a major stadium tour that includes a stop at Citizens Bank Park – actually drinks ranch dressing from the jar. But she kept singing that last night Jimmy Kimmel Live when Kimmel asked her to sing lyrics, which were revealed to her one at a time in real time on cue cards while a pianist played along. It’s a little funny. And the perfect smile after too long a week:

Factcheck.org About the Big Donald Trump announcement

The non-partisan, Philly-based fact-checking organization was having quite a field day tearing apart Donald Trump’s announcement that he was running for president.

What are you doing this weekend?

If only a Philly Mag writer had spent countless hours compiling this weekend’s top 77 things to do in Philadelphia.

Where are you drinking this weekend?

A little early for my liking but holiday themed bars are a thing now. (The day after Thanksgiving is a lot more respectable, imho.)

And from the look-who-is-here sports table…

The Union just lost a second Aaronson to Europe. Too bad. Goodbye little one!

But hey, look who’s in town!

We hear that time has softened him. We will see.

The St. Joe’s men’s basketball team was 60-30 ahead of Albany at halftime last night, which was just brutal. They went on to win 99-79.

On the weekend schedule: Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks come into town at 7:30 a.m. to play the Sixers. The Timberwolves visit Saturday at 7:30 a.m. The Eagles travel to Indianapolis at 1 am Sunday to play the Colts.

It’s bang-bang-bang in college hoops today: La Salle plays Wake Forest at two, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights plays Temple at five, Drexel plays Arcadia at six, Penn plays West Virginia at seven, and Villanova plays for State Michigan at eight.

The Flyers played last night.

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