Wrestler Sued By WWE Legend For Selling “f*** Jim Cornette” T-Shirt Arrested; Bail set at $75,000

A wrestler who once sold “F*** Jim Cornette” t-shirts and was tried has now been arrested but on a different matter. Brandon Graver, a wrestler best known for his deathmatches, was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police on Thursday.

Graver once got on the wrong side of Cornette after he sold t-shirts that had the legendary wrestling manager and manager stabbed in the forehead. It also said “F*** Jim Cornette” on it.

Well, according to a report by WTAJ (above The Wrestling Observer), the independent wrestler was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police. This came after he and Barry Leach were found in a car on Hares Valley Road in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Police officers said Graver was found “nodding off” in the driver’s seat with both men bent over.

Graver reportedly admitted to also snorting ten bags of heroin. He was arrested and police found meth in his pockets. What appeared to be heroin was also found in the bags after Leach got out of the car and he was also taken into custody.

The eventual search found over 25 grams of possible meth, marijuana, packets of heroin, mushrooms, alprazolam and other paraphernalia, and $181 in cash.

The wrestler and Leach are currently facing manufacturing, supply and possession felonies with intent to manufacture or supply, as well as other misdemeanor charges. They are in the Huntingdon County Jail, where bail has been set at $50,000 for Leach and $75,000 for Graver, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for November 30.

What happened between former WWE Manager Jim Cornette and Brandon Graver?

In 2019, Jim Cornette pointed to a clip of Graver, aka G-Raver, saying that the show that the wrestler starred in was hopefully stopped so fans could watch him bleed out. This happened after Graver fell off a ladder after a rope light broke over his arm.

Graver, who often wrestles in deathmatches, was bleeding profusely in the clip.

That’s an ugly little nick that guy got in his arm at the end, if the fans were lucky they probably stopped the show so everyone could watch that jerk bleed to death. twitter.com/Alfromsleep/st…

During the backlash over the comments, Graver decided to sell an “F*** Jim Cornette” shirt.

Cornette sued him over the t-shirt for “trademark infringement, dilution and cybersquatting, and violation of his publicity rights under Pennsylvania law.” However, he lost the restraining order.

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